Walkers all look-alike!

One of the biggest complaints we hear from people using walkers  in Independent or Assisted Living is that the walkers all look-alike.  They usually need to park them outside the dining area, but when they come out to retrieve them,  they all are all lined up against a wall, looking identical. People have told me that they’ve had people walk off with their walker, or they’ve had to stand longer then they’ve wanted to trying to figure out which walker is theirs!  Pillowalk has solved that problem with their personalized pillows for walkers! Choose a fitted pillow design that fits your personality, and pick your walker out of the bunch with one glance! Check out this pretty fabric, it looks stunning on dark blue walkers!


2 Responses to “Walkers all look-alike!”

  1. This all looks great, I’m so glad a friend shared with me about you. Love this I’ll share this news with all, this will not be my only visit this I know for sure!

  2. Thank you! I can’t tell you how much they brighten up the walkers!

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