Our Inspiration


Nancy Elizabeth Ongaro

In Loving Memory


It was a difficult day for Elizabeth when she at last realized she could no longer safely walk without some type of aid.  Like so many others Elizabeth really did not want to use the walker. Feeling tied to a walker was bad enough but it really wasn’t very attractive either!

Elizabeth had a beautifully decorated home and the walker just did not fit into the coziness of her surroundings. Her birthday was soon approaching; Jeanne, Elizabeth’s daughter, came up with the idea of making a fitted pillow for the walker; one that would not only look lovely in her home, but provide a more comfortable seat for her as well.  She found a gorgeous fabric, some long matching fringe and voila, her walker transformed from a utilitarian moving object, to something that would add beauty to her home.

Elizabeth eventually needed to spend time in a beautiful assistant living facility in Seattle, WA.  Sally, Elizabeth’s daughter-in-law, lived nearby and enjoyed going to visit with her. Something she noticed with each visit was how pretty Elizabeth’s walker appeared; it looked elegant and could easily be distinguished from the others.  Several residents and their family members commented to Sally about how much they liked Elizabeth’s pillow, occasionally asking if they could have one made for their walker or as a gift for someone.  And from there Pillowalk was born.

It has been the pleasure of both Jeanne and Sally Ongaro working with people who must use walkers, finding out what types of fabrics they love, and making their constant companion attractive, personalized and comfortable.



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